“TikTok made me buy it!”

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If you’re a Boomer or even a Gen X’er …you may laugh. 

However, for Gen Z – who list TikTok as their preferred search engine over Google (51%) – this is just a blatantly obvious statement. 

Key points behind this rising preference from Gen Z to gain purchase inspiration from TikTok stems from:

Video format for results (69%)

Relevancy and relatable answers (65%)

Personalised content (47%)

Close to 75% of Gen Z’ers made a purchase from seeing something in TikTok last year.

"TikTok made me buy it"

Despite Google dominating search globally (83%), TikTok is focused on its role in providing information, inspiration and influence to its still rapidly growing user base. 

TikTok is the search engine of choice for more than half of Gen Z and influences their purchase decisions more than any other platform according to a 2023 survey by youth research and marketing company, Her Campus Media.

Although TikTok isn’t an obvious search engine choice for some, for eCommerce brands or those looking to build a following and drive advocacy, it’s clear –  you need to be visible wherever and whenever users search for relevant topics or products.

Trusted recommendations remain the gold for brands looking to stand out in a crowded, competitive market for goods and services. However, the rate of change we’re seeing behind what constitutes a trusted source and where consumers search for reviews or endorsement continues to change each year.

For Gen Z, Influencers are now the most trusted source of advice or endorsement for brands at 72% (up 18% YoY). Friends and family coming in at 61% in 2023

"TikTok made me buy it"

So, where are the opportunities for driving greater results for brands in paid social channels for 2024?

Harnessing the power and breadth of options for creative via Content Creators

Storytelling and review / recommendation foundations for Brands via a carefully thought out Audience and Influencer plan

Social commerce will continue its rise

Video. Video. Video. Short form video should be central to all creative strategies in paid social

Prioritise community and brand vibe over followers and key messages for TikTok and Instagram video content

Personalisation focus. TikTok is up close and personal, it’s raw and open. The TikTok environment is all about showcasing how people interact, feel, use and react in real time when demonstrating a product or heading to a hotel or wearing a pair of boots or unwrapping a gift. Content can’t be pushed and designed with a bunch of overtly marketing led messages.


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