Winning SEO traffic with website content for The Tea Centre

The Tea Centre is both an online and traditional (physical) retailer of a wide range of teas and teawares.

With the development of a targeted SEO and Content Strategy, we were able to boost search rankings for ‘tea’ related keywords and general industry-specific keywords through the addition of relevant content on The Tea Centre’s product category webpages.

This resulted in a 62% increase in organic traffic over just a four month period.


The Challenge

Selling tea online is highly competitive and the relatively low average transaction value makes online advertising challenging from an ROI standpoint. Our objective therefore was to increase the volume of high intent organic traffic.


The Approach

When analysing The Tea Centre’s website, we identified that many of its key pages were lacking in quality content. We worked collaboratively with The Tea Centre to generate content that targeted tea related keywords. Specifically, we did the following:

  1. Created targeted and SEO optimised meta data
  2. Supported the creation of SEO focused copy for tea and teawares category pages


The Results

Over the period from September 2020 to December 2020 we generated SEO optimised website content aimed at boosting keyword ranking and website traffic. This resulted in an improvement in The Tea Centre organic search rankings across the board and a subsequent increase in organic website traffic.

Organic traffic growth | source: semrush

The number of tea-related keywords where The Tea Centre ranked within the top 10 increased to 226 in December, up from approximately 30 in the months prior to September.

Growth in market share or organic search ranking | source: semrush
"Digital Minds are experts at what they do. Their team worked closely with our brand in overhauling our SEO and achieved great results for us. Very responsive and professional in their approach, we highly recommend them."
Caitlyn Pollard
Marketing Manager, The Tea Centre