Accelerating Growth and Delivering Success for Home Clearance

A part of the Winning Group, Home Clearance is a clearance outlet that has access to a selected range of premium brand appliances, all at market leading prices that you simply won’t find anywhere else. We believe you shouldn’t always have to pay full price, and so we work hard on finding the best deals but also doing it with the amazing customer service and support that our group is so well known for.

Digital Minds started working with Home Clearance in 2018, managing their paid search activity and later expanding into other paid and owned channels.


Appliances at Home Clearance


The Challenge

Home Clearance started leveraging Google Adwords in 2011, however found it extremely competitive and challenging to scale in a profitable manner. We were approached to help manage their search marketing and improve results from their investments on the channel.


The approach

Our solution incorporated tapping into a range of opportunities that included Improving brand perception on search result pages, CRO and user experience recommendations, re-thinking the digital channel mix (and introducing channels such as programmatic and social), Inventory feed optimisation, creating scalable campaigns, pulling together and highlighting exceptional customer reviews & lots more!


The Results

Digital Minds started managing the account in 2018. Two months into the engagement, Home Clearance achieved record monthly revenues. We have since, continuously improved performance with a consistent increase in sales while ensuring profitability is maintained or improved while scaling the business.


Stats for Home Clearance


“I have never before dealt with a more professional agency than Digital Minds. Thank you for everything you have done for us, we would not be where we are as a business without your assistance and support”

Trent Allan, Head of Home Clearance



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